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What Makes Filipino Women So Hot?

There are thousands of international couples of Western men and Filipino girls. Why are these cuties so popular with foreign men? Here are the physical and psychological characteristics of these irresistible ladies that make them perfect girlfriends and wives.

The Physical Characteristics of Filipino Girls

These exotic ladies are very adorable. Their most common and most beautiful features are:

  • Lovely face. Girls from this country have a cute round face shape. This makes many of them look like teenagers at any age.
  • Petite physique. It is scarcely possible to find a tall and plump woman in Thailand. Most ladies are miniature and slim. They are so fragile that men want to take care of them and pamper them.
  • Long dark hair. Locals adhere to traditional gender roles and believe that women should have some signs of femininity. One of them is long hair.
  • Natural look. Young girls from this country don’t like to use too many cosmetics. And they look very cute because of this.
  • Adorable style. These ladies prefer rather eye-catching clothes and accessories. They often wear mini skirts, bright tops, and tight dresses. Many girls also like to decorate their hair with real flowers.

The Character Traits of Filipino Ladies

The character of these incredible ladies is even more attractive than their appearance. Girls from the Philippines win men’s hearts with the help of the following virtues:

  • Kindness. Girls from this exotic country are always ready to comfort others when they are upset. Also, they never refuse to help their friends when they are in need.
  • Friendliness. These girls are very easy-going and open-hearted. They are always glad to meet new people and make friends with them. It is possible to find a common ground with ladies from this country even despite the language barrier. Their amity and kindness overcome any boundaries and obstacles.
  • Optimism. These women don’t like to complain. They notice positive moments in their lives even despite adversities. Thus, it is a pleasure to communicate with them because they radiate only positive vibes.
  • Compliance. These ladies are known and sought-after by men from all over the world thanks to this very feature. According to the local mentality, a woman should try hard to cater to her man.
  • Unlimited love and care. The love of these women has no limits. If a man is lucky to win the heart of a girl of this nationality, he is happy to be surrounded with care every second he spends together with his beloved lady.
  • Gentleness. These petite girls are very tender and soft. This makes them even more alluring.

Filipino Women’s Cultural Features

Some patterns of these ladies’ behavior make them very attractive. Here are the features that men appreciate in these superb girls the most:

  • They cater to their men in every possible way. Women do whatever it takes to keep their life partners happy. For this, they are ready to fulfill all their desires.
  • They are excellent at sex. These girls cater to their men not only in everyday issues but also in bed. They do whatever their partners wish for them to be satisfied.
  • They don’t try to dominate in relationships. People adhere to traditional gender roles in this country. Thus, every woman believes that a man is a leader in a relationship and the head of a family. She respects his opinions and doesn’t try to contest his decisions.

25 Hottest Filipino Women

Do you want to see the cutest creatures from this exotic country? Here are the top 25 most adorable ladies who are admired by millions of fans from all over the world.

Pia Wurtzbach

  • Instagram: @piawurtzbach
  • Followers: 13,4 M
  • Age: 32
  • Occupation: model, actress
  • City: Makati, the Philippines

The beauty of this marvelous girl is highly rated in the whole world. She won the Miss World title in 2015. The queen of beauty is not only extremely alluring but also very vigorous and enterprising. She runs her own business and leads an active lifestyle.

Julia Barretto

  • Instagram: @juliabarretto
  • Followers: 10,7 M
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: actress, model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

Just one look at this fragile girl makes men’s hearts beat faster. She is very beautiful and charismatic. The star appeared in numerous local films and TV series, which made her extremely popular in her native country.

Ivana Alawi

  • Instagram: @ivanaalawi
  • Followers: 7,8 M
  • Age: 25
  • Occupation: actress, model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

A famous actress and model is very fit and has beckoning curves. Her body incredibly combines a thin waist with large breasts and wide hips. Luckily to her fans, the celebrity is a rather active social media user. She pampers more than 7 million fans with her seductive photos on Instagram and runs her YouTube channel with 15 million followers.

Jane De Leon

  • Instagram: @imjanedeleon
  • Followers: 2,7 M
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: actress, model, singer, dancer
  • City: Quezon City, Luzon, the Philippines

The supreme lady is very bright and talented. She achieved success in a few branches of show business. She is famous for starring in a few films and series. Also, a bit earlier, she used to be a member of an extremely popular group called GirlTrends.

Nadine Lustre

  • Instagram: @nadine
  • Followers: 11 M
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: actress, singer, TV host
  • City: Siargao, the Philippines

The amazing lady is famous in the country she lives in thanks to starring in many local movies and series. She also used to be a member of a music group called Pop Girls and appeared in a few MVs of other popular performers.

Janella Salvador

  • Instagram: @superjanella
  • Followers: 7,1 M
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: actress, model, singer
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The hot Filipino girl is very many-sided and talented. She is famous for performing remarkable roles in local movies and releasing some hit music albums. Despite her busy schedule, the star takes time to play volleyball, which brings her pleasure and helps her keep fit.

Kathryn Bernardo

  • Instagram: @bernardokath
  • Followers: 16,6 M
  • Age: 25
  • Occupation: actress
  • City: Antipolo, the Philippines

This beautiful Filipino woman is famous as the queen of local TV series. She appeared in numerous of them, for example, Be Careful With My Heart (2013), Growing Up (2011), Princess and I (2012).

Maine Mendoza

  • Instagram: @mainedcm
  • Followers: 3,9 M
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: actress
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The pretty Filipino girl excites millions of fans with her incredible beauty, irresistible charisma, and excellent sense of humor. She appears on the local TV so frequently that it is hardly possible to find a person who doesn’t know her in the Philippines.

Liza Soberano

  • Instagram: @lizasoberano
  • Followers: 16,8 M
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: actress, singer, model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines / Los Angeles, California, the USA

The cute Filipino girl is one of the most good-looking ladies in this country. She was rated by TC Candler as one of the most beautiful women in 2017. And this is not the only advantage of hers. She is also a talented actress who performed a few lead roles in local movies, such as Just the Way You Are (2015) and My Ex and Whys (2017).

Gabbi Garcia

  • Instagram: @gabbi
  • Followers: 8,8 M
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: actress, singer
  • City: Parañaque City, the Philippines

The lovely face, seductive body, and luxurious shiny hair of this beautiful Filipino girl captivate her admirers. She is very popular because she appears on the local TV very frequently. She hosted a few popular shows, such as Studio 7, All-Out Sundays, and IRL. Also, she is famous for her roles in Beautiful Justice (2019-2020), Stories From The Heart: Love On Air (2021), Love You Stranger (2022), and other TV series.

Janine Gutierrez

  • Instagram: @janinegutierrez
  • Followers: 2,1 M
  • Age: 32
  • Occupation: actress, TV host, model
  • City: Quezon City, Luzon, the Philippines

The hot Filipino woman has been showing a talent for acting since childhood. She was born to a family of actors, so she has always been interested in this industry. Nowadays, she is famous for appearing in such series and movies as Marry Me, Marry You (2021), Elise (2019), and many others.

Vivoree Esclito

  • Instagram: @vivoree
  • Followers: 1,5 M
  • Age: 21
  • Occupation: actress, singer
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The resplendent girl is a remarkable actress and singer. Her most prominent role is Kookai Yambao in the online series called Hello Stranger (2020). She also released a few singles as a solo singer, which made her even more popular in her native country.

Jennylyn Mercado

  • Instagram: @mercadojenny
  • Followers: 3,5 M
  • Age: 34
  • Occupation: actress, singer, songwriter
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The cute Filipino woman is widely known in her motherland as one of the most outstanding actresses. She appeared in numerous TV shows. Here are just a few latest ones: Love. Die. Repeat (2021), I Can See You (2020), Love You Two (2019).

Mutya Datul

  • Instagram: @mutyadatul
  • Followers: 312 K
  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

This is one of the most genuine and wonderful embodiments of adorable Filipino beauty. Her marvelous look is highly rated in the whole world. The hottie was crowned as Miss Supranational in 2013, which made her a successful model.

Lovi Poe

  • Instagram: @lovipoe
  • Followers: 6,8 M
  • Age: 33
  • Occupation: model, actress, voice actress
  • City: Quezon City, Luzon, the Philippines

Albums and singles released by this famous woman have gained great popularity. Furthermore, the celebrity achieved success on TV. She can be seen in numerous series, including I Can See You (2020), Owe My Love (2021), and Flower of Evil (2022).

Loisa Andalio

  • Instagram: @iamandalioloisa
  • Followers: 10 M
  • Age:
  • Occupation: actress, singer, dancer
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The young and stunning lady excites everyone with her resplendent beauty and outstanding talents. She is known for appearing in dozens of local TV series. Her most remarkable roles are in Maalaala Mo Kaya: Puno (2016) and Candy’s Crush (2016).

Catriona Gray

  • Instagram: @catriona_gray
  • Followers: 12,9 M
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: model, singer, TV host
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The cutie proves that Filipino descent helps to win the hearts of millions of people. The marvelous lady was born to an Australian father and a Filipino mother. She takes after both of them and has the best features of European and Asian appearance. This was highly rated by the whole world in 2018 when the diva won Miss Universe.

Athena Imperial

  • Instagram: @athenaimperial
  • Followers: 14,4 K
  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: reporter, model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The hot woman works as a reporter in the Philippines. Also, she has decided to show her marvelous beauty to the world by taking part in beauty pageants. She was rated the third runner-up at Miss Earth 2011.

Bianca Umali

  • Instagram: @bianxa
  • Followers: 3,4 M
  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: actress, model, dancer
  • City: Parañaque City, the Philippines

The cutie started her modeling career back when she was a child. The first project she collaborated with is advertising the kids’ clothing brand. Nowadays, she keeps on appearing in clothing and accessories commercials.

Kisses Delavin

  • Instagram: @kissesdelavin
  • Followers: 2,4 M
  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: actress, voice actress, singer, model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The acting talent and dazzling beauty of this amazing lady made her extremely popular. She is known for appearing in Fantastica (2018) and Loving in Tandem (2017). The hottie also has a very pleasant voice. And she uses it to pursue her music career.

Andrea Torres

  • Instagram: @andreaetorres
  • Followers: 1,4 M
  • Age: 31
  • Occupation: actress, TV host, model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The beauty and charisma of this pretty Filipino woman made her extremely successful and famous. You can see her in Legal Wives (2021), The Better Woman (2019), the Millionaire’s Wife (2016), and several other TV series.

Julie Anne San Jose

  • Instagram: @myjaps
  • Followers: 2,5 M
  • Age: 27
  • Occupation: singer, songwriter, musician, voice actress, actress, TV host
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The charming woman became famous because of her melodic voice. The diva is a successful singer and voice actress. Also, she has a flair for songwriting, which lets her create the lyrics to the songs she performs by herself.

Christine Reyes

  • Instagram: @cristinereyes
  • Followers: 2,9 M
  • Age: 33
  • Occupation: actress, model
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The adorable woman looks like a pretty doll. She frequently appears on Filipino TV, which makes her widely known in this country. The latest series fans were happy to see her in is Encounter (2021).

Maja Salvador

  • Instagram: @maja
  • Followers: 9,8 M
  • Age: 33
  • Occupation: actress, singer
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

The award-winning actress wins the hearts with her dazzling beauty and breathtaking charisma. Her advantages and talent can be assessed by watching some latest movies she appeared in, for example, I’m Drunk, I Love You (2018), or To Love Some Buddy (2018).

Adrianna So

  • Instagram: @adriannaso_
  • Followers: 48,7 K
  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: actress
  • City: Manila, the Philippines

This cutie is a promising young actress. If you want to feel the atmosphere of the Filipino emotions and admire the beauty of this hottie, be sure to watch Die Beautiful (2018), Enchanted Garden (2012), Never Say Goodbye (2013), or Pearl Next Door (2020).